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Peer To Peer Fundraising

A free abode to enhance network effect

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Go Unlimited

Branded & personalized crowdfunding allows you to easily register teams, add visual media, and track fundraising success.

Get More Reach

Social sharing makes it easy for you to spread the word about your campaign to supporters (and even new donors!).

Higher Impact

Campaigner can connect with donors anytime, anywhere through high-speed mobile and online fundraising.

Brand Perception

Easy-to-use platform and can be customized, so you can create a unique fundraising page with your  brand.


Teams to Multiply Results

Allow your partners to create their personalized campaigns and support your adopted cause, all under a single dashboard.

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Go Global

Engage donors world-wide and facilitate easy and secure transactions from 150+ countries.

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Streamlined Giving

Give supporters a quick, easy way to donate right on your own website.

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Absolutely Free

As part of our Forever Free Pledge, nonprofit members get unlimited, free access to our widgets.

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