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Here Are Some of Our Case Studies
"Successful building of a rehabilitation unit and secure shelter for hundreds of survivors of sex trafficking in India"
The Challenge:
Prajwala had to set up an emergency shelter and a rehabilitation unit for survivors of sex trafficking and secure itself following a series of attacks on Prajwala staff and facilities by miscreants and non-cooperative landlord.
How did we look at it?
Padma Shree Dr. Suntha Krishnan came to us, having finalized the location of the Rescue Center for anti-sex trafficking, but no money to build it nor any investor willing to invest. Crowdera's team syndication framework enabled well-wishers to become a part of Prajwala's team and raise money from multiple countries.
Just over 2 campaigns, she raised $2,60,100 with us. Let's see what  all our team took care of :
Two-level deep Network Syndication
Team Fundraising Feature
Automatic Tax-compliance receipts
Content Creation
Email Marketing
Donor Outreach
Social Media Marketing
Digital Ads
PR Support
The collected funds were used for successfully building the rehabilitation center and emergency shelter for the survivors.
We are proud to tell that the rescued women and girls have started doing work for the sustainability of the Prajwala and are respectfully earning their livelihood.
"Bringing a positive change in the Guatemala community by raising funds for various efforts"
The Challenge:
Voses y Manos, a 501(C) 3 public charity based out of California,  wanted to fundraise for various causes on Crowdera Platform, namely
1. A project on Soil Conservation
2. To support youth leadership in Guatemala
3. For providing University scholarship and internship to young students from the indigenous community of Rabinal
4. Purchasing two egg incubators to provide a sustainable source of funding for additional student-led projects.
How did we do it?
It's been 7 years working with Micheal Bakal on different community development projects. 
Micheal not only reached his fundraising goals but overshot it thrice!
This helped him in building a positive framework in his community. So, what did we do to support him
Content Creation 24*7 Support Donor Syndication
Digital Marketing Content Marketing PR Support
Donor Management Digital Ads Influencer Marketing
Voses n Manos realized their goals every time on creating long-term and sustainable impact by motivating a generation of youth leaders equipped to bring about the most needed change in the Guatemala community.
event based case study
"Running 200 miles non-stop to give a bright future to the underprivileged children in India"
The Challenge:
 "Two cents of Hope"  took part in the Golden Gate Relay, a one-of-a-kind event where groups of 12 runners conquer 200 miles non-stop from Napa Valley to Santa Cruz. They urged everyone to donate at least two cents for every mile they ran and give hope to the cause. But not many were supporting the cause in the beginning, as they didn't know what this campaign meant to the talented children and how could it change their lives?
So we figured out a way:
We realized this campaign as an opportunity to bring inclusiveness among all in order to gain maximum support. Our customer success team burnt the midnight oil to do everything necessary for making the cause known among the masses.
"Two cents of hope" literally crushed it by raising 122% of the goal amount! From our end, these are areas we supported them with:
Donor Profiling Donor Outreach Social media buzz
PR Support 24 * 7 customer support Content Creation
Content Marketing Digital Ads Donor Management
As a result of this fundraising campaign, Two Cents of Hope adopted a school in Chennai for underprivileged children, which is still up and running. This campaign truly changed their lives by giving the children hope of a beautiful bright future. 

"I ran my campaign through Crowdera in its initial phases & I greatly appreciated the support I received from the Crowdera Team."


Orly Wahba Founder of Life Vest Inside

"Its been a wonderful experience with whole hearted support for my cause by Crowdera and team."


Sanjay Nagar Founder KOHKA Foundation, Madhya Pradesh

"I have always found Crowdera crew to be very helpful. I recommend Crowdera to every Non-Profit."


George Rakesh Babu, Founder, Good Samaritans, Hyderabad

"Crowdera surprised me ! In the fast getting crowded field of Donation Mobilization Platforms, Crowdera seems to stand apart from others."

Anand Chaturvedi Founder & Managing Trustee, Avasar, Bengaluru

"I'm impressed with crowdera's mission & how single-mindedly they are focused on solving a problem that is important & that really matters."

Gokul Rajaram Product Engineering Lead @Square

Thanks to Crowdera, we've raised thousands of dollars to help young people in Guatemala reach their dream of furthering their education."

Michael Bakal Co-ordinator, Voces Y Manos, Guatemala

"I found many things flexible and convenient on Crowdera compared to others in the same space. They don’t ask you to sell your idea to them, they don’t take a fee or a commission."

Riya Mukherjee Writer, Producer & Founder - RMWP

"Thanks to this platform for enabling such cause to gain traction. Timely response and guidance from Crowdera team make this whole process seamless. Keep going!"

Manjunatha Rao Co-founder @ ElectReps

"Have been looking for money for the past three years to make films. But studios are generally not interested in films that do not have a star. So, I think this is a better mean."

Rajat Kapoor Director, Mithiya Talkies

Benefits of Crowdera's AI-Powered Platform Vitta.ai

Kick in Two-Level Deep Network Effect
Successful fundraising is a direct function of leveraging your network effectively. vitta.ai helps you activate a two-level deep network effect and go all out on fundraising while improving brand perception and ensuring consistency in brand messaging. Truly leverage your organizations' entire network as well as partner with multiple other organizations to amplify your fundraising efforts manifold seamlessly. Run campaigns for several causes simultaneously and increase the donation probability of each by leveraging team fundraising. Compliment your existing fundraising methods, but let our technology work 24/7 for you.

Let our AI automate the work for you
Personalize the donation process by hand-holding donors using customized bot flows. You can completely customize the donation outreach and engagement experience as per your organizations' needs. Segment donors based on various metrics and create customized chatbot flow for each segment. Our AI-powered chatbots will drive donation related conversations for you; engage donors, recover abandoned donation carts and deliver a fantastic support experience across digital channels. Get rid of conventional methods of donor outreach and communication, which does not yield results and turn fundraising into a seamless process.

Create Fundraising Champions for Your Organization
vitta's team fundraising framework offers leakage proof solution for your supporters or donors to raise money for your organization. It helps fundraising champions get engaged, build trust and improve their brand perception while amplifying fundraising results for your organization. Transform your supporters across the world into brand ambassadors and influencers for your organization. We make fundraising for any cause a tech-enabled community-driven process, so you can focus on other important things.

Enjoy the Benefits of Direct Disbursement
Crowdera does not hold your donations and every penny raised is directly disbursed to your bank account via the corresponding payment gateway, as per its guidelines. There are lots of use cases where organizations require immediate access to the funds raised by them online. We understand that and that's why, unlike other companies, do not hold the fund with us. Since we have a policy of not taking commissions on donor dollars, the funds are directly disbursed to the beneficiary bank account. This means you have superfast access to funds you raise via our platform. Use those funds to make the desired impact.

Free Crowdfunding, Forever!
Crowdera is one of the few global fundraising platforms which does not charge any commissions on the funds raised on its platform. We believe every dime donated should be spent towards building the cause or the dream it was donated for. Crowdera hosted fundraising websites and campaigns will never dip into donor dollars. You get to keep whatever funds you have raised via the platform. Only applicable payment gateway fees or bank charges will be deducted. Launch your campaign on Crowdera and start enjoying the benefits of free crowdfunding today!

Donor Syndication
Whether you are a brand, a startup or a non-profit, the Crowdera.ai platform can help you in donor syndication. Enable groups of donors to collaborate and come forward to support your cause via this platform. Segment your network as per their preferences, the motive for giving, interest areas and much more so that you can target them in a much more personal way and thus improve the probability of donation. Donor syndication would enable you to achieve your fundraising goals at rocket speed.




Fundraising Accelerator Studio
AI-powered Non-profit Fundraising suite + Consulting Program
Everything included in the Ginger shot plan plus.
  • Unlimited Fundraising enabled Websites and P2P Campaigns.
  • Powerful Team Fundraising Framework with unlimited teams.
  • Multi-channel donor engagement platform - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp and more.
  • Customized AI-powered chatbot flow framework to engage donors.
  • Donor Management and CRM
  • Customizable and Automated Tax Receipts.
  • Private Fundraising.
  • Unlimited Donation Buttons and Widgets.
  • Unlimited Perks and Rewards.
  • Premium support via Call, Chat, and Email.
  • Websites and Campaigns’ setup and reviewed for marketing and compliance as per the 12-point vetting checklist.
  • Campaign and Website related content creation
  • Social media content writing and posting across all major channels.
  • Videos from the collaterals provided.
  • AI chatbot set up with customized flows for donor outreach.
  • Paid Advertising Set Up, Testing, and Management (up to $10,000/month).
  • In-Depth Support + Campaign Edits.

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Our Crew
Chet-1 harsha-2 Bethun-1 Kshitij-1 Neil Jain
Chet Jain
Founder and CEO
Shriharsha Bhat
Vice President - Engineering
Bethun Bhowmik
Vice President - GrowthOps
Kshitij Ingle
Director - Sales and Alliance
Neil Jain
Associate Director - Sales
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Digant Sutaria
Manager - Finance & Compliance
Aditi Gupta
Associate Director - Sales 
Gaurav Wankar
Lead Software Engineer
Akshita Jain
Manager - Sales and Marketing
Prashant Chaware
Assistant Manager - Design
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Suhasini Jain
Manager - HR and Accounts
Srishti Shrivastava
Manager - Marketing & Community
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Software Engineer
Rishab Sahu
Associate - Sales and Community
Vishnu Lambe
Associate - Product & CMS
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Sfurti Shendre
Asst. Manager-Product & Customer Success
Ashwini Patil
Executive - Customer Success
Samiksha Shelke
Executive - Customer Success
Darshana Gadge
Executive - Customer Success
Naresh Bisen
Executive - Design

Our Wellwishers
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Ratinder Ahuja-1
Chai Atreya
Advisory CTO
Manish Satnaliwala
Evangelist & Investor
Anil Advani
Advisor & Counsel (USA)
Pramod Jain
Evangelist & Investor
Ratinder Ahuja
Global IP Advisor




Billy Leung-1
Anand Daga-1
Sachin Sharma-1
Ray Umashankar-1
Praveena Varadrajan-1
Billy Leung
Product Advisor
Anand Daga
Finance Counsel (India)
Sachin Sharma
Product Evangelist
Ray Umashankar
Evangelist & Investor
Praveena Varadrajan
Product Evangelist

Frequently Asked Questions
Who are you guys anyway?
We are a passionate group of impact creators who have worked with over 1500 nonprofits around the world over the past 5 years to understand their problems; We have 50+ years of combined experience in terms of impact work, possess deep-rooted global network and have access to global capital. Crowdera was launched from Silicon Valley in 2014. Presently we are headquartered in Singapore with offices in the USA and India.
Will Crowdera help me fundraise for my organization?
Crowdera is a technology platform that provides a set of modern fundraising software tools that helps amplify an organization's fundraising efforts while making the process seamless. We will give you the know-how and tell you the process of how you can leverage our tools to fundraise for your organization. However, the responsibility of using the platform features and executing campaigns lies with the organization.

If you want Crowdera's fundraising experts to help you succeed, we have a very nominally prices consultancy and service pack which you can purchase. In the pack, we will have weekly fundraising success calls with you and also design your websites, campaigns, chatbots, and content for you, Book a discovery call with us to know more.
What are the next steps?
Book a 30-min discovery call with one of our Growth Team members to know how Crowdera products and services can benefit your organisation.
Are the campaigns, websites and AI chatbots hard to set up?
No, it's easy. In all our packages, we do a training call to help you get set-up and comfortable with the platform. You can also explore our Learning Center which has a wealth of information on campaign creation and management, donation, disbursements, etc. However, you need a dedicated team to execute all that the platform has to offer. We recommend a team of 1 if you are working on 1 campaign and 2-3 people if you are working on several campaigns simultaneously. We also provide consultancy and services packages where we will do all the backend work for you and guide you on successful strategies for an extremely nominal fee.
How much funds can I raise via Crowdera?
Here is no upper limit to the amount you can raise via Crowdera. We have paid clients who are raising as high as $28.5 million and clients who use our premium services to raise a few thousand dollars. Your results will be unique to you and your organization and it would be dependent on how effectively you leverage our 2- level deep network effect feature. We don't raise funds for you, we give you an AI-powered fundraising platform, vitta.ai and the strategies that will help you raise funds from your donors while improving your brand perception. If you leverage the platform correctly and follow the strategies, you will see results.
Are donations contributed via Crowdera tax-exempt?
Contributing through Crowdera is not always a tax-exempt charitable donation. Nonprofits should have corresponding tax exemption certificates applicable for a particular country and should opt to offer tax exemption receipts while creating their campaign or fundraiser in Crowdera. For example, only donations made to USA nonprofits which have 501(c)3 certificates and Indian nonprofits who have an 80G, 80GGA, 80CCC, 80U, 35ac, 35ac(i & ii) and 35ac(i & iii) certificate are eligible for tax exemptions.
Will the data integrate into other CRMs or software?
Yes, of course. You don't have to worry. Crowdera has its own Donor CRM. However, the data easily integrates into the most common CRM or software tools you are already using through an easy to use CSV export.
Do I still get my funds if I don't meet my fundraising goal?
Certainly! Crowdera believes that any effort put into your campaigns deserves to be paid off. You receive all funds raised from your campaigns even if you do not meet your fundraising goal. If you exceed your fundraising goal, take a high five from us and yes, you get to keep every penny you raise.